Silent Whisperer Workshop Delivered to the FA LIDL Skills Team at St George’s Park National Football Centre

Recent Projects

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Silent Whisperer (large document, may take a moment to load)

Activity Leadership

Development Workshops

Lifestyle Management – Homeless Project

Former Forces Support Core Programme

Maximum Edge have supported Former Forces Support in St Helens for the last three years, we are very proud to support Armed Service Veterans in many different settings. This short collection of images evidence just how flexible the skills are within our organisation. This core programme has helped so many different people in different settings.

Grass Roots Football

Maximum Edge have supported individuals in grass roots football, the main topics of the lifestyle management programme are listed in this short clip. We have supported different teams and individuals with a holistic approach of small groups, teams and one to one life coaching linked to them being the best they can be.

Feeling Better Moving Forward

Maximum edge in partnership with Saints Community Foundation successfully supported long term unemployed under the heading of a Job Centre Plus initiative called Feeling Better Moving Forward. We worked closely with the Foundation to create a motivational experience for a great set of individuals, this unique programme supported confidence, communication, health and wellbeing, building positive relationships and support networks with the theme of pre employment.

Feeling Better Moving Forward 2

The programme was that successful we were asked to support it again, Dave lead the delivery team again in changing some of the activities to suit the group and individuals. The same themes were present but the skills and people changed, another great set of people with different learning areas, Maximum Edge are proud of the flexibility of their delivery skills on these programmes supporting unemployed people to be the best they can be.

Activity Leadership

This short clip outlines the last programme in partnership with Saints Community Foundation supporting a group of Teaching Assistants gain a qualification for running after school activities in the their schools. A very dynamic programme, with lots of academic content including the delivery of activity sessions and having fun in an informal setting.

FTW Training

We are proud this programme shows the flexibility of the staff and volunteers in Maximum Edge to support unemployed people in different areas, this area is warehousing and logistics with FTW Training. The partnership with FTW is a great example of core skills like RTITB Fork Truck Licence and a level 2 academic qualifications blended with lifestyle management and employability skills including interview strategy, building a supportive network and digital inclusion topics.

Inside Out Project

A very challenging but yet rewarding programme at HMP Liverpool in partnership with Former Forces Support supporting ex service personnel in the Criminal Justice System. Due to the strict guidelines on images we could only voice record the inmates experience and learning. This short clip outlines what individual learning the individuals gained from the programme, the staff and volunteers at Maximum Edge are very proud of their part in this pilot with Former Forces Support. It has also given the staff and volunteers an insight into the complex working environment

Wildlife Trust and Partners Befesa, Corrillian and Executive Solutions

This short clip highlights the work Maximum Edge does in the business world alongside different organisations. This is a great example of working with both voluntary organisations, charities and business to create a fast paced enjoyable yet informal working environment. The work of Cheshire Wildlife Trust is highlighted and the day gave employees a great teambuilding experience with different developmental headings.