Feedback from our recent PodClub…

“PodClub truly made me realise how important it is to share your fears and your hopes with others. It helped me to believe in myself a little more and I just loved how [this group] was women building up other women.”

“I have taken so much from those little chats each week [at Podclub]. I always came away feeling invigorated just from taking the time to talk and listen to these other wonderful people. It sounds so cheesy to say they were inspiring but it’s absolutely true.”

“I’ve been attending Podclub and listening to the Incremental Gains podcasts. I’ve found it extremely useful in building up my own confidence and self-esteem. I find I’m more aware of when I’m thinking negatively and what has set it off.”

“It has lead me to think more positively about myself and I now feel willing to step outside my comfort zone and try something that I never thought I would. I didn’t imagine that it would have as big an impact as it has – it has made such a difference.”

“I feel that PodClub helped me greatly to start to discover myself.  It touched on some subjects that I didn’t know existed and made me think more about how I see the world and how others see me.”

“Attending PodClub started my self-discovery journey.  It made me realise that there is lots I can do to develop myself and this point in life might be just the beginning of something new!”



PodClub Plus+

As a reward and recognition for their participation and progress in PodClub, a group of recent ‘graduates’ were treated to a day away from it all. They spent time relaxing in the spa facilities of a local hotel and followed this with a lunch. It was clear from the conversation that PodClub has had a long-lasting positive impact on participants, with some examples as follows:

  • Participant A now meditates morning and evening and has found that this helps her with day to day life.
  • Participant B keeps a ‘gratitude journal’ and writes in it every day at least one thing she is grateful for. She has also started a college course.
  • Participant C is more appreciative of everything she has and everything around her.
  • Participant D feels calmer and is trying hard not to be so “shouty”. She is also learning not to judge people so quickly.
  • Participant E feels generally calmer, and regularly uses practical tips from the podcasts to keep her anxiety at bay.
  • Participant F also uses anchors to try and keep focussed if things are not going her way. She has also signed up for an art class.

All participants are agreed that the process of meeting up and discussing new topics was not only sociable but made them realise that on the days they are struggling, they are not alone.

Thank you to all the participants from PodClub who not only attended the group, but also invested time and energy in themselves. The hope is that this will continue and this energy will spread to other parts of their lives.

We look forward to the next PodClub, and also to keeping in touch with all our graduates.