Walter Brennan is a mental health specialist and training consultant. He has worked with some of the most dangerous and violent offenders in Europe, and has also delivered a vast range of training courses ranging from Anxiety to Autism, and Resilience to Dispute Resolution, both nationally and internationally.

Walter has worked with a whole range of organisations, including Local Authorities, NHS, CCGs, the financial and energy sectors, and he has also written more than 60 articles, chapters and papers on subjects such as bullying, violent employees, restraint, and Having a Healthy Mind.

He has developed a selection of training courses including Healthy Enough to Work, Stay in the Game and Safe Enough to Care; and has also co-designed tools such as The Rapid Risk Assessment and the Morale Index.

Interesting Fact

Walter believes that believing in something special helps to strengthen our mental health.  Sadly, he’s an Everton fan!