Along with being in top physical condition, a focused attitude is vital for high performance in sport.

For Players/Athletes who are already in peak physical condition, gaining the edge can be more about applying a positive mind set and being mentally stronger than their opponent.

For those needing an extra push, we can provide Mental Toughness and Re¬silience training as a base towards better fitness and performance. Our pro¬grammes challenge players/athletes both physically and mentally in prepa¬ration to achieve their full potential.

For Coaches and Staff/Volunteers, understanding stressors, triggers, learning styles, personalities and motivations could be the difference between good and great.

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Working with us you could:

  • Help players/athletes improve focus and deal with distractions
  • Grow confidence in athletes who have doubts
  • Install a healthy belief and identify irrational thoughts
  • Improve motivation for optimal performance
  • Develop confidence in ability

We can support mental wellbeing, which will increase the emotional understanding and happiness of the individual

Our staff also support players/athletes in areas such as:

  • Performance & Panic
  • Change & Anxiety
  • Contracts & Stress
  • Not Feeling Yourself
  • Retirement and Anger

Family Adjustment

Adjustment to a new area or culture can be extremely stressful, not just for the Player or Athlete, but for their family who don’t have the training, a match or competitions to focus on. For families and part¬ners having to deal with a new way of life, new school and a differing society, we can ease the transition so the player/athlete/manager can concentrate on their performance.

Let us help to:

  • Reduce the “settling in period”
  • Reduce the risk for club and clubs employee
  • Improve the player/athlete’s performance
  • Reduce the feeling of isolation and homesickness
  • Help integration into a different culture and environment