In recent years, we have been expanding our work to reach out internationally.
Our aim was to make our knowledge accessible to more people; to assist them in learning new skills which can improve their lives, and in turn, the lives of those around them. Support from Maximum Edge has now been accessed around the world, in over 50 countries.
Our Course
In addition, online learning opportunities have been accessed by international students in 42 countries, via the Udemy platform for learning. Since the initial upload of our coaching series for grassroots sport leaders, over 800 students have accessed our course. To find out more, visit our course page here

Who’s Accessed Our Online Learning

Bespoke Away Days
One of our customers, Befesa, is a company specialising in the recycling of industrial waste, as well as the related logistics and services. Befesa have offices in Germany, Spain and the UK, and they approached us with a request to offer ongoing Health and Well-being sessions to groups of staff. A small part of this has been to plan, arrange and deliver out of office training days which looked at managing relationships, self-talk, and communication. This short video gives a snapshot into those training days

One member of our delivery team, Keith, has been working in the USA with soccer coaches and teams. He has travelled to Georgia and Utah to work with coaches on developing their teams to be the best they can be. Here’s how he got on…