In the Workplace

Spending time in work affects everyone differently. For some it is a source of great achievement and success, while for others it can be a trigger for stress, anxiety and addictions.

We work with directors and managers to identify staff who would benefit from group and / or one to one coaching within work. We regularly find that helping people in work also helps them at home, as stress is reduced, time management improves, and confidence increases.

We offer:

  • Workshops
  • Groupwork
  • Remote Support
  • Podcasts
  • One to one Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Business Consultancy
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    Away Days

    If you are looking for some time out of the office or boardroom, to re-group and focus, we have plenty of experience in provided tailored training days or ‘away days’ that challenge, inspire and motivate.

    We can cover all the usual topics such as team building, planning and strategy. We can also promote the overall well-being of staff by looking at managing relationships, work-life balance and the importance of relaxation, good nutrition and sleep. We find that staff who have succeeded in obtaining a positive work-life balance are more productive and focussed in work.

    Outdoor Learning and Falconry

    Some of our most recent away days have incorporated an element of being outside – not purely classroom-based. We have an option to combine your Away Day with some falconry experience with our partners from Clear Futures Communities CIC, which promotes the skills of communication, trust, confidence, self-belief andco-operation. This short video shows what we can do:

    We have also incorporated clay-pigeon shooting in an away day, as requested by one of our customers. The content, aims, outcomes and environment for each place of work is different and we pride ourselves on offering programmes which are truly bespoke.

    Preparing for life in work

    For individuals who are out of work, we can provide pre-employment sessions, preparing them for the world of work by helping with CVs, interviews skills, application forms, building positive relationships, workplace etiquette etc.This video shows our partnership with Hightown Construction Group and the Fork Truck Warehouse, where we delivered a course for unemployed adults wishing to get into warehousing and other workplaces.

    Corporate Social
    Responsibility (CSR)

    For many businesses, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility can be a daunting prospect. Can it really help the local community? Who should I approach? Should I involve an agency? Could I just donate to a national charity? We have been working with Hightown Construction Group – a family run construction business, to administer and oversee their CSR strategy for a number of years. With personal input from the Owner, we now have a tailored package in place which supports local causes close the owner’s heart.

    This video shows some of the work we have carried out with Hightown Construction Group:

    Our Collaboration also helps the business towards meeting their ISO 9000 (Quality Management) standard.